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Yoga Therapy initial Assessment

€ 90/90 min — We start with an initial detailed holistic assessment, where all aspects of your  being will be  taken into consideration (physical, energetic, mental, psychological, and spiritual). We will thoroughly evaluate   body, mind, spirit and environment—and then craft a personalized yoga program. 

While I do not make any diagnosis, I may help you in figuring out the root cause of your pain or suffering  and will also give you an understanding of your condition according to the  Ayurvedic paradigm of Doshas imbalances.

Based on your  unique situation, we will co-create an health plan, that may include Yoga practice and  life style changes.

We may think of yoga therapy  as a replacement therapy, that is, replacing old bad habits with better ones, that foster health and wellbeing.

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Yoga Therapy  Session

€ 70/hour —Differently from a Yoga class, as a  Yoga Therapist I  focus on your unique needs. I try to understand your suffering in a more holistic way and determine what I can do to support you. We will look for ways  to help you reduce or manage your symptoms, improve your function, and help you  with your attitude in relation to your health conditions. I will  choose appropriate yoga techniques tailored to your specific needs.

A Yoga therapy session may include mindful movements coordinated with the breath (postures or asanas), breath work (pranayama), meditation, self-inquires, mantras, mudras and applied Yoga philosophy teachings. 

You may also  be encouraged to let go of negative habits (posture, eating, behavior, relationships etc)  and to bring in  more healthy and life affirming ones.

Yoga therapy  requires time and dedication to bring about results. Exactly as a prescription, you should take a daily dose of Yoga practices!

To help you in developing a daily practice, I  will  provide you with detailed descriptions of therapeutical Yoga practices. You are strongly encouraged to dedicate at least 10-20 minutes every day to those practices.

With daily practice and commitment you will be empowered to take back your health and to move toward more balance and peace of mind in several areas of your life.

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Private Yoga Session

€50/hour — I offer private Yoga sessions to those who would like to try Yoga, but do not feel like going to a group class (for any possible reason). 

  I will  thoughtfully design a Yoga practice, that takes into account your your unique body (with its injuries, pain, asymmetries etc), your ayurvedic constitution (Dosha), your flexibility, your mood, your energy levels,  and your specific short and long term goals.

You can choose your style of  private Yoga instruction among the following: Vinyasa Flow/Gentle Yoga/Restorative Yoga/Hatha Yoga/Yin Yoga/ViniYoga

In addition to asanas, other yogic tools-such as  pranayama, meditation, chanting, mudras, Yoga ethics-may be incorporated in the session, to create balance at every level of your being.

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Small Group Yoga Session

$70/hour, — I also offer semi-private Yoga classes for small groups of people (up to 5). You can still get a personalized attention, but at a lower price for  each person. Please contact me for more information.

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Group Classes in Italian and/or English

$17/hour —I offer Slow Yoga  classes in Italian and /or English.

My group classes are usually accessible even to beginners. We move slowly in coordination with the breath. We often take pauses to practice "interoception", the ability to listen to our body. Slow Yoga increases self awareness, trains our Nervous System, builds vagal tone and can change our brain over time. The resilience's skills we will learn together can help you with mental health issues (stress, anxiety, depression), insomnia, chronic issues (autoimmune disorders, chronic pain), and digestion problems. 

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